Phalcon USA 

Life Sciences

The healthcare industry has many facets and we’re present in all of them. From hospitals to elderly care facilities to research labs, we are experienced in working with mission critical facilities and securing the long-term health of your electrical system.


Our team of experts is ready to offer cost-saving solutions and innovative new approaches to your pharmaceutical electrical needs for new construction or renovations all while maintaining the integrity of your facility. 

Job Title
MedImmune Special Systems
Catalent Pharma Solutions
MIT & Novartis Laboratory


Working with biotechnology companies requires a high level of technological knowledge and a strong familiarity with specific processes, equipment and regulatory guidelines.  We have experience providing electrical services at mission critical facilities. 

Job Title
Life Technologies
MIT - Whitaker College Laboratory
Biogen Idec Headquarters
UHC Cell & Genome Sciences Building
MIT Institute for Medical Engineering & Science Renovation


The electrical demands in a healthcare institution are specific and unique. Our team has worked on numerous hospital and critical care facility projects and understand the critical requirements and how to meet these criterion.

Job Title
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
Rockville General Hospital Renovation
Middle Tennessee Medical Center
Sibley Hospital Cancer Center
St. Thomas Hospital K-Tower
Methodist Olive Branch Hospital
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
UConn Ambulatory Care Center
Vanderbilt University Hospital
Vanderbilt University Hospital Plaza Replacement
St. Thomas West Surgery Services
Healthsouth Franklin Rehab Hospital
Tristar Centennial Medical Center EPSS Upgrade
Hartford Hospital Bone & Joint Institute